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News of Holy Russia 21.06.2014: Pilgrim travel of Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia on cities of the Gold Ring of Russia.

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On June 11–14, 2014 pilgrim travel of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev on ancient cities of the Gold Ring of Russia, based in IX–XI centuries by Princes of Rurikovich has taken place. Have picture story about travel (more than 140 photos).

This year the chapter of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia and Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich has decided to make pilgrim travel to some cities of the Gold Ring of Russia is Rostov Great, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Pereslavl–Zalessky and the Holy Source in ancient the Yam the Gold Cup (town) on the river Kubra.

The first had been visited Holy places of city of Rostov Great. The capital of the Rostov princedom is located on coast of ancient Lake Nero. In Latin and European languages the name of reservoir Nero means name of the Roman Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. The Lake lies on the grounds of Finno–Ugric tribe Merya, and the name of reservoir is the most ancient toponymum. Emperor Nero lived in 37 – 68, the name at birth Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. Whether is accident concurrence of names of Lake and the Roman Emperor?

According to reconstruction of the history executed by Professor Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev in book Vedas of Russ (the link: http://kubarev.ru/en/content/251.htm ), old Roman elites have part of ethnic Finno–Ugrian. In particular, the founder of family Flavius – Titus Vespasianus Flavius was Ugrian (Bulgarian name is Tash Bash), as well as his wife Flavia Domitilla. Name Domitilla coincides with the name of clan of Emperor Nero is Domitii. We count, that Emperor Nero and his clan were ethnic Finno–Ugrian of the Volga region from tribe Merya – Russ.

Besides according to the specified researches, ancient peoples of the Volga region have formed in past Italic union named Itilic union in Bulgarian chronicles (Djagfar Tarihy). Participants of Itilic – Italic union under the Roman chronicles were tribes Marsi and Marrucini which correspond to Finno–Ugric tribes Merya, Murom, Meshera and Marri. Merya just lived and live till now around of Lake Nero (clause Ancient Rome and Italic union of the Volga region, the link: http://kubarev.ru/en/content/297.htm ).

We believe that the name of Emperor Nero and Lake Nero are directly connected among themselves. Or Emperor has taken name in honor of native Lake, or the Lake has been named in honor of the outstanding local resident. The answer to this question will be received in the near future.

It agrees Joachim annals (Great Novgorod), the city of Rostov Great on Lake Nero has been incorporated during bible times by the great–great–grandson of Prophet Jacob by name the Ross–Vandal who according to our reconstruction of history corresponds Ugrian Tsar and Great Khagane Attila. Event of bookmark of city has taken place in V century of our era. We shall specify that Jacob have name in the Arabian sources is Ya–Cube is identified by us with Emperor Flavius Constantine Great which Ugrian name was Kubar. Patriarch Jacob – Cuba live in III–IV centuries and at all in an extreme antiquity lived.

So on June 11, 2014 Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has visited native places Varangians and Rurikovich in the city of Rostov Great and on Lake Nero.

In the beginning has been examined Spas – Yacovlevsky (Jacob) monastery based in XIV century. The existing architectural ensemble has developed in XVIII–XIX centuries. Walls and towers are constructed in second half XVIII and the beginning of XIX centuries. The monastery is located on coast Lake Nero. The picture story about visiting monastery is below placed.

Then Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev has arrived to the Rostov Kremlin. The seen picture has caused inconsistent feelings. On the one hand, ex–terriers of the Rostov Kremlin impressed any unbiased judge. Towers, walls and domes of constructions have been restored in proto genic kind. On the other hand, in the main churches of the Kremlin administrative services of museum have settled down, ancient sanctuaries have been transformed into offices. The main cathedral of Rostov – Assumption of Virgin – inside reminds crypt. The church for long time is transferred to possession ROC (Russian Orthodox Church), but ancient frescos and an iconostasis are actually destroyed and transformed into ruins. In XVII century the cathedral was painted with outstanding masters of Icons Gury Nikitin and Sila Savin, however « updating of frescos » in XIX century has destroyed their works. Near to cathedral there is restored belfry.

Many Russians can learn constructions of the Rostov Kremlin on walls and interiors of fortress in which stages of known comedy film Ivan Vasilievich were removed changes trade (Ivan Vasilievich is called Ivan Terrible).

The unique well–kept Church in the Rostov Kremlin it under gate is the John Apostle temple. Frescos of church were kept almost in proto genic kind. In cathedrals of Rostov Great on icons and frescos you anywhere will not find David's hexagon Jewish stars or any mentions of the Jewish origin of the Virgin and Jesus Christ. In lists of temples and icons there are only octagonal stars of Russ and projection of the Chariot of the God as various petal structures. Images of icons Not combustible Cubina are most popular and Spas in forces. According to our reconstruction of history till XIX century in Russia and in some part of the West nobody counted the Savior and the Virgin like Jews. All Christian symbolic of the past has been constructed on the image of projections of the Chariot of the God and stars of Russ (clause Projections of the God in symbols of religions, the link: http://kubarev.ru/en/content/392.htm ). It is interesting, that buildings and altars of temples were carried out as cubes. It is well visible in photos resulted by us.

Modern ROC diligently ignores these features of belief of ancestors and adheres to the modern version of the Jewish–Christianity being actually theological heresy and the false doctrine.

In the evening on June 11, 2014 Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has arrived to Yaroslavl and has examined some sights of city – Church of Christ’s Nativity, Assumption the Cathedral, Church of St. Ilias the Prophet and city quay of Volga.

In holiday Day of Russia the basic memorable places of Yaroslavl on June 12, 2014 have been visited. In the beginning the Historical–architectural museum the Spassky monastery based in XII century has been examined. In territory of monastery the Word about shelf of Igor has been found. Some buildings and constructions XVI–XIX of centuries were well kept. The Spassky cathedral has been constructed in 1506–1512 his walls are decorated with not bad kept frescos. Near to cathedral there is belfry with Church of Virgin Pecherskaya XVI–XVII of centuries. In good condition Holy gate with Church of Introduction XVI century. Visitors of museum can rise on the Belfry and sight–see city from height of the bird's flight.

Further, Grand Prince has examined Churches Michael Archangel, Spas on City (1672) and Nikolay Rublenny. Has been visited restored Assumption the Cathedral (1516) which has been blown up by Bolsheviks in 1937. The temple costs on an arrow of the rivers of Volga and Kotorosl since 1215. The new building is constructed from brick and covered with plaster of white color. Traces of fatal influence of water on construction are already visible. In the past such scale objects were done of limestone that provided functioning a temple many hundreds years.

Near to the Cathedral on an arrow of the rivers the memorable sign to the founder of city to Grand Prince Jaroslav Wise is established, the city has been incorporated in 1010.

Directly before Assumption Cathedral the monument to the Holy Trinity is established. The sculptural group is executed from copper on motives of the well–known icon Andrew Rublev's is Trinity. In the center of composition there is Cup with head of bull and an aperture. The Cup is prototype of God victim and reminds Eucharist. The left Angel is symbolizing the God Father, gesture blessing and pushes Cup to the central Angel is symbolizing the God Son. The Savior accepts this Cup, an inclination of head expressing the consent. The right Angel is symbolizing Holy Spirit, and also gesture blesses the Cup.

“My Father! If it is possible, This Cup pass to me; however not as I want, but as you”

(Mathew, 26:39)

The fine sculpture of the Trinity is profaned by sacrilege of modern obscurantist inhabitants of Yaroslavl and visitors of city. Yaroslavian people have not thought up anything better how publicly to throw coins in an aperture of Holy Cup. Who will get in small aperture coin is to that there will be happiness and lot of money. Indignation of monstrous entertainment of local sinners and church robbers does not give in to the description.

To what monster there has come idea to squander to the God? How such blasphemous actions can occur before Orthodox Assumption Cathedral of Yaroslavl?

All fine impressions from visiting Holy places of the Gold Ring of Russ God blessings Russian people have been trampled in dirty. Russia and its mad population require urgent treatment, differently the penalty heavenly again will fall on heads of sinners.

Then Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has examined an arrow of the rivers on which the memorial column topped with gold two–headed eagle towers. On pedestal of monument figures of Grand Prince Jaroslav Wise, knight, orthodox bishop and the worker with country woman are established. Sculptures cost on pedestal more than 1.5 meters in height. However tourists and local residents dexterously get on pedestal with sculptures and pose with them for photographers in completely indecent, monkey poses.

Stages around of sculpture of the Trinity and memorable column of Yaroslavl have finally poisoned mood and impression from trip. There was an opinion, that to the majority of local residents to spit on the God, Orthodoxy and own history. These people look strangers on, apparently, own ground. Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev once again was convinced of correctness of the researches on which leaves that the Slavic population is strangers on territories of Finno–Ugrian of Russ. Slavs were formed of descendants of numerous illegitimate children of sexual violence of Slavic–Mongols above Finno–Ugric and Turkic women of Russ in days of 300 years of Yoke in XIII–XV centuries (clause Slavic–Mongolian invasion to Russia, the link: http://kubarev.ru/en/content/300.htm ). Since then this ethnos could not accept and divide his religious, moral and cultural foundations with indigenous population.

On June 13, 2014 Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev has arrived to the ancient city of Uglich mentioned in annals since IX century. Many Rurikovich is Valeriy Kubarev's ancestors reigned in these places. In particular aunt of Ivan Terrible is Moscow and Uglich Tsarina Juliana who has given birth in Moscow of direct ancestors of Kubarev are Princes Ivan and Michael Kubensky’s there lived.

The city center of Uglich reminds ruins. The hand of the repairman did not concern streets and houses ten years. The ancient city causes despondency and grief. To authorities of the USSR and Russia probably was to spit on same histories of Russia since 1917.

On coast of Volga has settled down Uglich Kremlin. From fortifications did not remain trace, except for earthen shaft. The central place of the Kremlin borrows the Spassky Cathedral constructed in 1713–1716. The temple was not bad kept. Nearly have bell tower (1730).

More to the right of the Cathedral have Chambers of Uglich the specific Princes, constructed in 1480 are located. In these Chambers Tsarina Juliana Uglich–Moscow (1480–1537) in due time lived. Near to Chambers there is Church Dimitri on blood. In 1591 there was tragedy which has torn off official dynasty of Rurikovich. Under the official version of history, young Tsarevich Dimitri (1580–1591) suffered epilepsy when during an attack of illness on May 21, 1591 the boy has fallen some times to the knife which played with children « in stick ». As result of the received wounds Tsarevich has died. The tragedy was announced with the alarm of the bell which has collected people, tear trustees of Dimitri is Mr. Osip Volohov, Nikita Kachalov and Danila Bityagovsky.

Under the order of Prince Basil Shuisky alarm bell have cut off tongue and together with rebels – Uglichian have banished to Ural in Pelym’s jail. Only in XIX century the bell has been returned to Uglich and now stored in Church of Dimitri on blood.

On place of destruction of Prince Dimitri, last son of Ivan Terrible, in the first years of XVII century the wooden chapel has been cut down. In 1630 the wooden church has been constructed, and in 1692 the stone temple in the form of cube is erected. In church lists of second half XVIII century were kept, probably frescos have been executed by Moscow master Mr. Sapozhnikov. Meal of temple it is painted by Mr. Peter Hlebnikov from Borisogleb city in 1788. Pictures are devoted to bible subjects and executed in Old Russian tradition in which there are no even hints on Jewish of the Savior. On images of the God Father and the God Son there are octagonal Stars of Russ and projection of the Chariot of the God. This fact confirms our deep belief, that the Jews–Christianity and symbolic of six–coal stars of David began to be imposed to Orthodoxy in Russia only in XIX century.

Then has been examined Epiphany female monastery in the center of Uglich, that in the Rostov street. The maiden monastery has been based at the end of XIV century by Princess Evdokia, the wife of Dmitry Donskoy. In 1661 the monastery has been transferred to new place where it and is till now. In XVII century stone walls and cathedrals of monastery have been constructed.

After Uglich Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev was directed aside the ancient city of Rurikovich is Pereslavl – Zalessky through southern coast moraine Pleshcheevo Lake. Pleshcheno is the ancient reservoir formed about 30 thousand years ago. It has complex internal structure. The river Trubezh where in mouth is Pereslavl Kremlin runs into Lake. From construction there were only earthen shaft and the Spassky Cathedral. Lake Pleshcheevo and the rivers around of him in an antiquity was military base of Varangian of Russ and Rurikovich. Peter I began construction of an amusing flotilla that was the beginning of revival of Russian fleet from 1688. In 1692 construction of flotilla was solemn review is completed and arranged. Now there the monument to Peter I and small boat – to the first ship of flotilla is established.

On coast Pleshcheevo Lake is Nikitsky man's monastery based in 1010. The most ancient construction of monastery is Nikitsky cathedral as Cube with five domes (1564). In XVIII–XIX centuries walls and bell tower have been constructed. From the southern party of Lake on height it is located Assumption Goritsky monastery based in XIV century at Ivan Kalita and abolished in XVIII century. Nowadays in territory of monastery Pereslavl–Zalessky the state Historical–architectural and art museum–reserve is located.

In final part of lasting many days wandering in Holy places of Rurikovich and the Gold Ring of Russ, Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has visited on the river Kubra and the most ancient town Yam the Gold Cup is known since VII century. We believe that the ancient fortress was erected by Romans during immemorial times. On researches of Grand Prince Professor Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, the Yams have been restored or built again up in VII century by his direct ancestors – Khaganes is ethnic Finn–Ugrian Kotrag and Kubar, sons of Great Khagane Kubrat, it is Emperor Heraclius August Flavius. Grand Prince has visited the Holy Source of the Yam Gold Cup, has typed some Holy water and has prayed in Chapel of the Virgin.

Pilgrim travel has come to the end in Moscow on June 14, 2014.

The photographic report on pilgrim travel.

Map of Lake Nero:

Spaso–Jacob monastery of Rostov Great:

The Rostov Kremlin:

Assumption Cathedral of the Rostov Kremlin:

The Rostov Kremlin:

Frescos under gate John the Apostle Churches:

Church of Christmas, Assumption Cathedral, St. Ilias Prophet Church and city quay of Volga, Yaroslavl:

Spassky monastery of Yaroslavl:

Spassky Cathedral and his frescos, Yaroslavl:

Kinds of the Spassky monastery Yaroslavl:

Church Spas on City, its interiors and Nikolay Rublenny's Church Yaroslavl:

Restored Assumption Cathedral of Yaroslavl:

Sculpture on motives of an icon of the Trinity of Andrew Rublev:

Memorable sign on the basis of Yaroslavl in 1010:

Volga and memorable column of Yaroslavl:

Kinds of Uglich Kremlin:

Spassky Cathedral of Uglich:

Chambers of Uglich Princes:

Church of Dimitri on blood and its interiors, the exiled alarm bell, Uglich:

Epiphany female monastery of Uglich:

Kinds of Lake Pleshcheevo, panorama of Nikitsky man's monastery through Lake:

Assumption Goritsky monastery of Pereslavl – Zalessky:

Holy Source of the Yam Gold Cup on the river Kubra, the Vladimir area:

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