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The Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Holy Russia

Will of God and my command, with the purpose of development of idea of monarchic statehood of Russia and creation of Holy Roman Empire, in the name of the peace and prosperity of Russia and restoration of historical validity, understanding the historical responsibility for destiny of Russia and Russian people, testifying respect for the sovereign rights of all peoples and expressing will of Russian people:

1. Solemnly I proclaim the State Sovereignty of Holy Russia on all its territories and I declare about determination to create constitutional monarchy in structure of the updated Russian Federation.

2. Holy Russia – Third Rome is the sovereign confederative state created by Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and peoples united in it, private and state subjects in any parts of the world.

3. The sovereignty of Holy Russia natural and necessary condition of existence of the constitutional monarchy having thousand-year history, culture, Christian religion and the traditions, resulting from the right on authority Debellatio of Princes of Rurikovich of sort of Russ and Flavius and absence of voluntary refusal of such claims, and also from presence De Facto of Grand Prince of All Russia – Emperor of Holy Russia and the Third Rome possessing the following non-material and firm prerogatives:

3.1. Jus imperii – the right on the Supreme authority;

3.2. Jus gladii – the right on submission of citizens;

3.3. Jus majestatis – the right on honors and the protection, respective rank;

3.4. Jus honorum – the right of rewarding, granted nobiliary Titles and
Honorable Caballeros Ranks;

3.5. Jus coin – the right of coinage.

4. The carrier of the sovereignty and a source of the government in Holy Russia is Grand Prince of All Russia – Emperor of Holy Russia. People carry out the limited government through representative bodies on the basis of the Constitution of Holy Russia.

5. The state sovereignty of Holy Russia is proclaimed in the name of the prime targets – maintenance continuity of the right of Russian statehood, the termination of illegal deduction of authority by self-appointed, power and corrupt groups, infringement of inalienable laws of people on free development of Russian culture and preservation of national identity.

6. Holy Russia is united with other private, administrative, territorial and state subjects on the basis of the Contract of Confederation, recognizes and respects sovereign rights of all participants of Confederation.

7. The territory of Holy Russia is formed by addition of territories of all subjects of Confederation. Concrete questions of management and the sovereignty of subjects are defined by the Contract of Confederation and the legislation of Holy Russia on the national – state and administrative-territorial device of Confederation.

8. In all territory of Holy Russia confederative Roman citizenship of Holy Russia is established, for each Roman citizen is citizenship of the subject of Confederation is kept. Citizens of Holy Russia outside Confederation are under protection and protection of Holy Russia.

9. To all Roman citizens, foreigners and persons without the citizenship, living in territory of Holy Russia, rights and freedom stipulated by the Constitution of Holy Russia and conventional norms of international law are guaranteed.

10. Holy Russia guarantees to all Roman citizens, the political, public and religious organizations working within the framework of the Constitution of Holy Russia, equal legal opportunities to participate in management of the state and public affairs. Division of legislative, executive and judicial authorities is the major principle of functioning of Holy Russia.

11. Holy Russia confirms the adherence to the conventional principles of international law and readiness to live with all countries and peoples in peace, taking all measures to not to an assumption confrontations in the international and interethnic attitudes, asserting thus interests of the Roman citizens of Holy Russia.

12. The present Declaration is basis for development of the Constitution of Holy Russia and the Agreement of Confederation.

Grand Prince of All Russia

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky

Moscow, Holy Russia

September 21, 2013

No. 65/1

News of Holy Russia 18.05.2021: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Title Princess of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Lady Yoshie Ishii and the Title Baron of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Mr. Yoshihiko Hada.

News of Holy Russia 11.05.2021: Pilgrimage visit to the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia.
Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev and his family made a pilgrimage to the cities of Vladimir, Suzdal and Bogolyubovo on May 07–11, 2021.

News of Holy Russia 02.05.2021: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of a severe challenge to humanity, congratulates all Christians of the world on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Darkness is coming upon humanity. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who overcame death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

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