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Appeal of Holy Russia
To citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the world community

Dear Brothers and Sisters, on our eyes events of the beginning of the Third world war are promptly developed. Opposition of revolutionary people of Ukraine with local corruptions, swindlers, thieves and relicts of the communistic past to death has frightened the Kremlin.

We call Russian and Ukrainian peoples to stop at dangerous feature which numerous victims from both parties can follow. We demand to protect the peace!

We address to Russian people with the request to not go on an occasion at Putin’s mode which kindles psychosis, chauvinism, hostility and hatred to Ukrainians. The Kremlin tries to keep authority at any cost, even by mass murder of the population.

Having spat on norms of international law the State Duma, Council of Federations and representatives of the President of the Russian Federation openly argue on military aggression against the brotherhood state and authorize for input of armies to Ukraine. They send delegations of deputies to Crimea and distribute passports of the Russian Federation to citizens of Ukraine where the dual citizenship is forbidden. The maximum persons of the state play lives and well-being of millions Russians and Ukrainians, pit the population of separate regions of Ukraine and involve in the international conflict of military men and simple citizens of Russia. Daily the State Duma passes the laws breaking constitutional laws of citizens of Russia, toughening and without that is strict restrictions of the rights and freedom of Russian people. From screens of TV and the State mass-media stream the lie and slander on citizens of Ukraine flows. Instead of the joint decision of economic and political problems, the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine protect Lenin’s monument, occupy the airports, stations, ferries and office buildings. The Russian armies are entered into Crimea De facto military Ukrainian objects are seized.

In Ukraine there are disease processes of overcoming of the totalitarian past, Ukrainian people sheds blood for freedom. On the contrary, Russia acts on the party of murderers of peace demonstrators, supports to corruptions and thieves, and also patronizes communistic prejudices of part Ukrainians.

We believe that the essence of problem lays in absence of legitimacy of authority on all the Former Soviet space, including Russia, Ukraine and Crimea. The government became source of fabulous incomes of officials and affiliated structures with them. In these conditions there will be circulation of corruption, larceny and struggle for authority to pour of blood of innocent people at the moment of change of the next "democratic" governor.

The unique lawful state with thousand-year history is Holy Russia proclaimed on September 21, 2013. Holy Russia is the constitutional monarchic confederation based by Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.

We suggest all parties of the conflict to sign the Agreement of Confederation of Holy Russia and to recognize the Supreme Authority of Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia. Thus participants of Confederation keep the sovereignty and democracy, transferring part of the powers to Sovereign Emperor acting as the Supreme Arbitrator and the Guarantor of stable and steady development of all states and subjects of Confederation. So we can provide independence of Ukraine and Crimea in existing borders, and also to return Russia in bosom of West civilization. Crimea can become the first subject, nucleus of Confederation and the present Russian Riviera. Holy Russia will be the most free, open and progressive state on open spaces from Atlantic up to Pacific Ocean, to all peoples providing peace European integration.

Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia, Grand Prince

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich

Moscow, Holy Russia


News of Holy Russia 05.05.2024: Congratulations of Holy Russia on the Light Holiday of Easter. Happy Easter!
The Grand Prince and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, in the days of the biblical Apocalypse, congratulates all Christians on the Bright Holiday of Easter! Humanity is entering the era of the reign of the Antichrist when darkness and evil dominate. The light of the world is the feat of Jesus Christ, who trampled death and darkness. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

News of Holy Russia 11.04.2024: Events around the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev granted the Title Baron of the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich on Knight Christian Francois Balfroid. Viscount Masaru Kamitani was appointed Ambassador of Culture of Holy Russia and the Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Japan.

News of Holy Russia 22.12.2023: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!
Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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