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News of Holy Russia 26.12.2013: Travel to Istanbul of Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev in days of Catholic Christmas.

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On December 23-25, 2013 Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has visited the city Constantinople – Istanbul based by ancestors of Prince, with pilgrim visit during which has visited on place of rotunda of Palace Mirelion and the kept Church, constructed by Igor Rurikovich – Emperor Roman Lacapenos in X century.

Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev during pilgrim visit to Tsar Grad – Istanbul has visited the places connected to life and activity of the ancestors – Princes and Emperors of Holy Russia from sort Rurikovich – Flavius.

Up to now in area the Ak-Saray, Istanbul were in part kept structures of palace Mirelion and the palace Church, all constructed by direct ancestors of Rurikovich is by Igor Rurikovich and his wife Equal Apostles Sacred Princess Olga. Under documents of the Byzantium Empire, Emperor Roman Lacapenos in beginning X century has got « the house of mirra » near to Marmara Sea (Propontis), that in one kilometer from the Grand or Holy Palace. The construction has been reconstructed in Palace and Church.

In basis of Lacapenos Palace is rotunda V century transformed into the tank with dome in diameter of 41,8 m – second-largest after the Roman Pantheon has lain. After exile Lacapenos from capital (after 943) the Palace has been inverted in female monastery, and in the palace Church constructed by Emperor has found rest not only it, but also his spouse and Co–Emperor Christopher. Roman and Christopher were the first Emperors buried outside church of Twelve Apostles. In days of Latin Empire family relic Lacapenos was given to fire and is deserted.

Only in 1500 Sultan Bayezid II has paid attention to an empty temple, has repaired building monastic kafalikon, has attached to it minaret and has transformed into mosque which was empty after destructive fires 1784 and 1900. In 1964-1965 rather barbarous attempt of restoration which traces managed to be smoothed down only by 1986 has been undertaken.

On reconstruction of the history executed by Grand Prince and Professor of theology and Doctor of historical sciences Valeriy Kubarev, Emperor Roman Lacapenos is completely identified with Prince Igor Rurikovich (Lachinovich/Lacapenos) which wife is Equal Apostles Sacred Princess Olga, and Co–Eemperor Christopher is cousin Igor by name Almysh (Almysh is the son of senior brother Rurik by name Djilki).

According to the Byzantium Chronicles, bodies of Almysh, Igor and Olga have been buried in Church of Rurikovich Palace, but then, in opinion of Professor Valeriy Kubarev, they have been transferred therefrom by Equal Apostles Prince Vladimir in the beginning of XI century.

In the near future is the scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev about history of Palace and Church Mirelion, as lawful property of Rurikovich kept up to now in Istanbul will be published.

The photographic report on visiting to Holy Places of Rurikovich in Istanbul – Palace Mirelion and Church of Emperor Roman Lacapenos is Prince Igor Rurikovich, X century is Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia, Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev at 23-25.12.2013.

News of Holy Russia 04.12.2018: Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich has started crypto project Ecosystem Easy Access.
Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and Holy Russia have started the project on formation of world digital economy – Ecosystem Easy Access. Within the framework of the project Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has based crypto-bank and the service company in Ireland. Emission of crypto currencies Solid equivalent to Euro will be soon made. The size of emission will be One Trillion Solids only.

News of Holy Russia 29.11.2018: Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich has open two new portals on the Internet.
Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and Holy Russia have started two new projects on the Internet. The first project is devoted to Tsargrad – Constantinople under the name www.tsargrad.info. The second project is intended for popularization of Nova Church of Holy Russia through sites under names www.novachurch.ru and новаяцерковь.рф.

News of Holy Russia 24.09.2018: Visit of Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia to Kingdom of Belgium has taken place.
Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has made visit to Kingdom Belgium on 21-23.09.2018, and has visited the city Enghien and his vicinities. Investiture event of new members of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and Universal Aristocrat Chivalric Order of Knighthood have taken place in Chapel St. Francis of Monastery Order of Friars Minor Capuchin in Enghien.

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